Do you want to boost your business, your brand, your visibility, your skills and your confidence over the next year – despite, or because of, the current challenging circumstances?

Would you love to find a support network that lifts you upward and onward as a leader, brings you experience and expertise beyond your own, gifts you the pleasure of sharing your own skills and insights, and also provides a much-needed comfort zone where you can relax and be yourself in the company of good friends?

Why not join a group of 12 like-minded, creative women leaders in a unique Mastermind group where you will be supported and mentored, as well as support each other, over a 12-month period. Each member will be the only subject expert in their field – once you’ve signed up, you will be the only woman who does what you do in the group; no competitors will be able to join.


The ABOO 12 Leadership Mastermind will be hosted and mentored by Lucy McCarraher – an award-winning serial entrepreneur and leader. Founder of Rethink Press, the Business Book Awards and the ABOO Women’s Group, Lucy won a Stevie Award for Helping Other Women in Business, and is a finalist in the Great British Women Entrepreneur Awards, Creative Industries category. She has mentored hundreds of business leaders to build their businesses through writing their book and just loves mentoring groups of women to do and be their best in life and work. While books can be part of the conversation, this group is focused on more than writing.


Managing and supporting the ABOO 12 Leadership Mastermind will be Michaella Brown, successful marketing consultant and social media amplifier. Michaella has worked with Lucy since the inception of the ABOO Group and has helped grow it to a membership of 1,800, sourced guests for 70+ Lunchtime Learning sessions, and top authors for ABOO Book Club Meet The Author calls. She has been working in marketing for speakers, authors, coaches and industry leaders for almost 10 years and has developed some super-smart lead generation on social media. Michaella is a social media secret weapon for a number of women leaders.


So, what will you get as a member of the ABOO 12 Leadership Mastermind over your 12-month membership?

 Lucy will facilitate:

  • 12 x Monthly 90-minute online group calls (Monday evenings)

Every month, one Mastermind member will give a 20-minute masterclass on their specialist subject, or their latest service or product, followed by structured discussion and sharing of wins, challenges, mentoring and ‘what can we do for each other’ support plans. Lucy’s ABOO and Bookbuilder group calls have been so popular that programmes have extended well beyond their end dates so members could keep coming back to get the benefit of Lucy’s and each other’s wisdom and friendship.

Calls will be recorded and posted in the Facebook Group.

  • 3 x in-person meet-ups during the year

Probably in London, though depending on members’ locations and wishes: 2 x lunch mentoring meet-ups, and 1 x pure fun dinner (cost of meals not included in membership price), these in-real-life celebrations will add in a further level of interaction and support between members.

  • 1 x 1-hour one-to-one mentoring call at any time during your membership.
  • Guaranteed Lunchtime Learning session(s) for your latest offering(s) in the main ABOO Facebook Group

An optional mini-retreat in a delightful location, based on members’ suggestions and ideas. A two-or three-day getaway for R&R as well as learning and enrichment could give members who attend a truly special and uplifting experience (not included in membership price).


Michaella will coordinate:

  • A social media ‘engagement pod’ whereby we all support each other’s social media posts to maximise our visibility and boost our social proof as well as authority by association.
  • A range of opportunities that might be beneficial to all or individual members, as well as ideal people to connect with, including new business/speaker opportunities, relevant awards, PR opportunities, etc.
  • Sourcing articles/posts/news stories and other relevant content that you can post on social media to boost your authority and influence as the ‘go-to’ on your expert subject matter. Michaella uses a combination of google alerts and her own antennae to find super useful stuff.
  • Not to mention Lists! Michaella has lists (and lists) of author groups, speaking groups, coaching groups, women’s groups, PR lists, podcasts… on Facebook and LinkedIn where you can promote your books and/or services, which she will make accessible to members.

Michaella will be able to offer some limited one-to-one time for consultancy/ brainstorming/ ideas sharing, etc. for anyone who is interested; and further time for ad hoc ‘Woman Friday’ type tasks, such as research tasks, phone calls, etc, will be available at special low prices.

We would love to support you in a group of 12 exceptional women leaders to make the next year, from February 2023, your best year yet, and enable you to grow your own mentoring skills.

The ABOO 12 Leadership Mastermind will be the best investment in your personal and professional growth for 2023 and a unique, woman-centred experience. There are only 12 places available – does one of them have your name on it?

You can sign up by making a single payment, or in six, monthly instalments.