A group of unique women entrepreneurs committed to their own and each other’s personal growth and business success over the course of a year.

Do you want to boost your business, your brand, your visibility, your skills and your confidence over the next year?

Would you love to find a support network that lifts you upward and onward as a leader, brings you experience and expertise beyond your own, gifts you the pleasure of sharing your own skills and insights, and also provides a much-needed comfort zone where you can relax and be yourself in the company of good friends?

Why not join a group of like-minded, creative women leaders in a unique Mastermind group where you will be supported and mentored, as well as support each other, over a 12-month period. Each member will be the only subject expert in their field – once you’ve signed up, you will be the only woman who does what you do in the group; no direct competitors will be able to join.


The ABOO Leadership Mastermind is hosted and mentored by Lucy McCarraher – an award-winning serial entrepreneur and leader. Founder of Rethink Press, BookMagic AI, the Business Book Awards and the ABOO Women’s Group, Lucy won a Stevie Award for Helping Other Women in Business, and Business Woman of the Year, Creative Industries in the Great British Women Entrepreneur Awards. She has mentored hundreds of business leaders to build their businesses through writing their book and just loves mentoring groups of women to do and be their best in life and work. While books can be part of the conversation, this group is focused on much more.


Managing and supporting the ABOO Leadership Mastermind is Michaella Brown, successful marketing consultant and social media amplifier. Michaella has worked with Lucy since the inception of the ABOO Group and has helped grow it to a membership of nearly 2000, sourced guests for 80+ Lunchtime Learning sessions, and top authors for ABOO Book Club Meet The Author calls. She has been working in marketing for speakers, authors, coaches and industry leaders for over 10 years and has developed some super-smart lead generation on social media. Michaella is a valuable asset to women leaders and organisations seeking to amplify their presence online.


So, what will you get as a member of the 12-month ABOO Leadership Mastermind?

    • Membership of the ABOO Mastermind Facebook Group
    • Membership of the ABOO Mastermind WhatsApp Group

 12 x monthly 120-minute online group calls facilitated by Lucy

Every month, three Mastermind members have 30 minutes to give a short presentation on their specialist subject, latest thinking, a new service or product… and get feedback and analysis from the group. The final half-hour is a ‘drop-in’ session where anyone can raise a current problem, ask a question and get input and support from the hive mind. These group calls are immensely valuable, and rich in powerful insights, with members getting huge benefit from Lucy’s, Michaella’s and each other’s wisdom, expertise and friendship.

Calls are recorded and posted in the Facebook Group. Calls are on Mondays, 7.30 – 9.30pm GMT/BST. We kick off on Monday 12th February.

In-person meet-ups during the year

Typically in London, though depending on members’ locations and wishes: occasional day or evening meet-ups for group and one-to-one mentoring (cost of meals not included in membership price), based on members availablity, these in-real-life sessions add in a further level of interaction and support between members.

1 x 1-hour one-to-one mentoring call with Lucy at any time during your membership

Lucy’s experience as a serial entrepreneur, creative, business leader and women’s mentor allows you to discuss any personal and professional issues in depth and in confidence and come away with insightful and practical suggestions and solutions.

1 x 1-hour one-to-one support call with Michaella at any time during your membership

Michaella will give individual advice on promotion, social media and networking. She may be able to offer further time for ad hoc research and promotion at insider prices.

Your Live Leadership Lunchtime Learning session for your latest offering or thought-leadership is promoted through LinkedIn and Facebook events, with personal invitations issued from Lucy’s and Michaella’s extensive contact list as well as your own. The recording of your presentation/interview with Lucy is posted on YouTube, in the 2,000 strong ABOO Facebook group and you can personally send the link to the 100+ warm leads on LinkedIn  this promotion will have generated. This process will give you the valuable repeatable skill of using events to increase your authority, influence and visibility, build new relationships and generate leads.



A social media ‘engagement pod’ whereby we all support each other’s social media posts to maximise our visibility and boost our social proof as well as authority by association.

Group accountability for monthly individual goals.

A range of opportunities that might be beneficial to all or individual members, as well as ideal people to connect with, including new business referrals, speaker and podcast opportunities, relevant awards, PR opportunities, etc.

We ask all Mastermind members to make the following commitments:

  • Support each other professionally – for instance on social media, making suitable referrals, sharing skills…
  • Support each other personally – while staying aware that this is a business masterclass and not a therapy group
  • Show up and be active in the group – diarise all calls, meetings and presentations at the start of the year, and always take part unless ill or in special circumstances
  • Be respectful – accept that every member has their own beliefs and values even if these are not the same as yours
  • Be kind – consider everyone’s perspective and feelings in any situation
  • Be responsive – a successful mastermind is a team and every player’s contribution is essential

If these resonate with you, Lucy & Michaella would love to support you in a group of 11 exceptional women leaders to make 2024 your best year yet through a close community and extended network.

The cost is just a single payment of £1,499, or three monthly payments of £510.

The ABOO Leadership Mastermind will be the best investment in your personal and professional journey for 2024 and a unique, woman-centred experience. Starting on Monday 12th February 2024, there are currently … 0 of 11 places still available – does one of them have your name on it?

If you would like to be considered for the next ABOO Leadership 12 Mastermind, please email us at with MASTERMIND 2024 in the subject line, or message Lucy or Michaella on FB or LinkedIn, and we will be in touch.



This Mastermind Group is now full. Please let us know if you’d like to be on the list for next year’s.